Civil War

Alexander Gardner

Gardner was a Scottish photographer who later moved to the United States and became a staff photographer for the commander of the “Army of the Potomac.” This prominent war photographer had photographed the “Battle of Antietam,” “Battle of Gettysburg,” “Battle of Fredericksburg” and other important battles that changed the course of history. He is best known for his photographs of the American Civil War, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, and the execution of the conspirators to Lincoln's assassination.

Mathew Brady

One of the most celebrated war photographers and often referred to as the father of photojournalism, Mathew Brady will be always remembered in the journalism arena for documenting the American Civil War on a grand scale. In 1862, he was admired for presenting some heart-wrenching photographs of the “Battle of Antietam” in an exhibition. It is a matter of fact that this legendary photographer went bankrupt during his last days and died penniless in the charity ward of a hospital in New York.